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Remote Digital Video Selector with PIC16F628 CCS C

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Three-way component video input, component video output way Three-way fiber-optic digital input, optical fiber all the way digital / coaxial output Infrared Remote Control LCD (,Cool,) LCD status display (this function is not necessary, but taking into account comparative Cool, they still want to achieve his) Video Selector,EL4332 Three-way component video function is relatively simple, the way in Video Selector has been achieved, but an increase is the EL4332 can be. 4-TTL,,74HC 4 three-way fiber-optic digital input – the principle of fiber-optic digital input is actually very simple with standard TTL circuits can be achieved, but to use high-speed models, I chose 74 HC series chips.

PIC16F628 CCS C Video Selector

Remote Digital Video Selector with PIC16F628 CCS  C dijital remote video switch

Fiber optic transceivers do not have any elected, I in the electronic market is not easy to find a sale.

Infrared remote control circuitry not previously played, nor how tested, for the first circuit, after repeat procedures. LCD SCM and LCD control part for me is nimble.

Remote Digital Video Selector with PIC16F628 CCS  C dijital video switch1

Now the home, need to connect the equipment to the TV more and more to my family as an example, the need to at least DVD, XBOX, PS2, set-top boxes and video cameras connected to my plasma screen. /S-Video,,VGA, Unfortunately, I only way the plasma composite video / S-Video input, component video input only way, VGA But there are two input Unfortunately, I do not need that much. YAMAHA,AV,: I have a YAMAHA amp, bought relatively early, although the number Road AV input, but it has two drawbacks:

S-Video,S-Video Composite video and S-Video input and output is completely independent, that is, coming from the composite video signal from the composite video output only on out, S-Video is a virtue No multi-component input and output

S-Video,, As my TV tuner only ordinary composite video output, if you want to use of other S-Video equipment, we will have to temporary interpolation line, trouble dead. (S-Video,,,S-Video) (I plasma composite video input and S-Video is the common way, with or without signals, as long as the plug, S-Video always priority)

To address this frustration, I find out about the Internet, I found that in order to meet the requirements of the products do not, and prices are very expensive.Video Selector After preparation, I have decided to produce their own a Video Selector.

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