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4-Channel RF Transceiver Circuit with PIC16F628 Application

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The aim of the application circuit to consolidate the operation of the transmitter and receiver circuits. Our circuit consists of two separate circuit. 1st half 2nd half transmitter receiver circuit. The transmitter circuit 16F628, hibirit transmitter, 4-way dip switch. Receiver circuit 16F628, buyers of hybrid, 4 led.devre our 4 channel RF transmitter and receiver circuit. The number of channels can be increased by hardware and software.

In 150 meters in open space are working smoothly. 50 meters closed area is working smoothly.

The transmitter circuit pull-up resistor for the switch would have to use. 16F628 own pull-up resistances are used in the software. OPTION_REG = 7 Commands we must not add to the program.

RF Transceiver Circuit Test

RF Transceiver proteus isis schematic

4 Channel RF Transceiver Circuit  with PIC16F628 Application rf alici verici devresi isis

4 channel RF applications of sensor data with PIC16F628 picbasic pro code files and isis proteus simulation files: 4-channel-rf-transceiver-circuit-with-pic16f628-application.zip

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