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CM8870 Remote device control via telephone DTMF pic16f628

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PIC16F628 microcontroller and DTMF CM8870 integrated circuits based on the 1, 2, 4 relay has versions with PCB printed circuit drawings ares proteus software prepared by the Picbasic. Source code, the PCB according to the drawings, as well as different operating scenarios given in Picbasic software files.

For sharing Şükrü ÖZKARABACAK I thank my teacher rests with the explanations below

CM8870 Remote device control via telephone DTMF pic16f628 cm8870 dtmf pic16f628

CM8870 Remote device control via telephone DTMF pic16f628 cm8870 dtmf pic16f628 dtmf role telefon role

CM8870 Remote device control via telephone DTMF pic16f628 dtmf control circuit dtmf relay

CM8870 Remote device control via telephone DTMF pic16f628 dtmf 1 role

DTMF control system study (DTMF 4 relay)

Thanks to this control card with you in your mobile phone, the relay contacts depending on the 4 pieces you can control the device independently of each other.

If we give an example tarlanızda 4 get home or water engine by calling the system from where you are if you want to turn on or off the water engine. In short, you can check the relay circuit only by contacts of relay “runs everywhere.

Operation of the system are as follows: cell phone control card is connected to the audio input of a mobile phone’s headphone output. This mobile phone menu, three times when I open the phone the cheapest phone available on the market with the automatic.

We own a cell phone and is set as the key tone tone control board, obscured by the phone. This phone has already arranged to play three times and the phone opens. In the aftermath of their own during after the following operations is performed by tuşlamalar.

# 1 TAKES the No. 1 RELAY
* 1 LEAVES the No. 1 RELAY

# 2 number 2 RELAY PULLS
* 2 the number 2 LEAVES the RELAY

* 3 number 3 LEAVES the RELAY

# 4 PULLS the RELAY number 4
* 4 LEAVES the RELAY number 4


There is a relay on the card belongs to each led. This led to what is known as the relay you can visually active or passive. Except for the fifth relay is four illuminated mimic diagram turns from the phone keypad, voice system demand led so it shows the DTMF tone detected by the system. As long as the key is pressed every key detected voice this led lights up.

The relay open – close all saved in eprom memory operations. When it comes to the processing power of a possible power failure the system will resume. If desired, eprom memory feature can be canceled. We will bear in mind the above passwords. On request we can change these passwords and passwords that you specify. In addition, you will use the system requires software support for different program features included, please contact us.

How to change passwords?

A program called Micro Code Studio is installed on the computer. This program wise and windows7 installation work on computers. XP installation on the computer is working fine. After the program is installed. Pressed opens the file extension. Through the opened file has the following sections

           PAUSE 10	
  	IF c1=12 AND c2=3 AND c3=6 AND c4=3 THEN   
           IF c1=12 AND c2=3 AND c3=6 AND c4=5 THEN   

In the example above opening password type # 363 # 365 tractor shutdown password. DTMF digits values ​​are as follows.

1 => 1
2 => 2
3 => 3
4 => 4
5 => 5
6 => 6
7 => 7
8 => 8
9 => 9
0 => 10
* => 11
# => 12
A => 13
B => 14
C => 15
D => 0

Let’s open the 1453 closing of the above code will change in 2015.

           PAUSE 10	
  	IF c1=1 AND c2=4 AND c3=5 AND c4=3 THEN   
           IF c1=2 AND c2=0 AND c3=1 AND c4=5 THEN   

DTMF Relay Controller PCB and code files belonging to the project: CM8870 Remote device control telephone DTMF pic16f628.rar


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