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Led Animation Circuit PIC16F628

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Led animated LED signs circuit , especially in circuit , made ​​to be used in advertising applications PIC16F628 microcontroller is used in solid control software for PicBasic prepared by the PIC output MOSFETs ( irfz44 ) or BJT transistor ( bdx53 ) can be connected. Isis proteus simulation of LED driver board , pcb ares source . Bass . Hex file there .

First isis scheme is an excerpt from one of the old printed circuit board pcb design right bait belongs to me. Vardır.14 animation has 8 outputs of the circuit is as good as ready kit in my trials I encounter a problem . 3 ` s series of letters with groups you can create .

There are 14 outputs of the circuit . Signage can use depending on the size of the output transistor of great use to sign a irfz44 . Circuit older version shortcomings designed to reduce the trails thickened vie s enlarged size was reduced the most important feature of transistors in a row leaned too little space, which is fine cased signage is very convenient for a new project to discuss … Animations are quoted. Take it easy.

LED signboard hairdresser circuit which is controlled by the image ;

all files: led-animation-circuit-pic16f628.rar

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