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Thermometer Circuit LM35 PIC12F675

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LM35DZ circuit is used as temperature sensors. This sensor is able to output between 0 and 100. The reason for choosing the microcontroller 12F675 and 12F675 jalv2 languages ​​in use in the show as well as the insufficient number of pins used with a controller is to demonstrate how the display.

When the circuit actually be done, within the red frame on the right side resistance 3, simulation studies used to ensure a more healthy because it will be used.

Thermometer Circuit LM35  PIC12F675 devrede isi sensoru olarak lm35dz mikrodenetleyici olarak 12f675

Circuit Operation :

About the measuring circuit between 0 and 99 degrees with display screening methods are used. As 12F675 display for processors with low pin count is impossible to use.

Therefore only the port with the second pin multiplexing was performed using the 74HC164. The main point of the selection of 74HC164 integrated processor is using two pins. This allows us to select the display remained, pin 2. 3 seems to display in the circuit diagram. But 12F675-read display uses only 2 to show the degree. The trailing Display shows only the degree symbol.

Thermometer Circuit LM35  PIC12F675 ortak katot display baglanti semasi

Thermometer Circuit LM35  PIC12F675 termometre baski devre pcb ust

Thermometer Circuit LM35  PIC12F675 termometre baski devre pcb alt

Thermometer Circuit LM35  PIC12F675 gerceklestirilen devrenin baska bir termometre ile cekilmis fotografi ve calisma goruntuleri

Thermometer circuit source Jalv2 proteus isis simulation and ares pcb files: thermometer-circuit-lm35-pic12f675.rar

V2: thermometer-circuit-lm35-pic12f675-V2.zip

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