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PIC12F675 RGB Led Drive Circuit

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We constantly work places which attracts lighting with RGB LEDs that are encountered in a variety of colors created by the transition to the visual feast that may be just a small sample of drivers I share with you are interested. The project is definitely not a product for the purpose of example only write and publish it.

You develop software products can make. Indeed, in the market to make money with this project seriously if possible to offer a product that reason, I find it appropriate.

Project 12f 675 or 683 to be used is written with PIC mosfet transistors plowed an external supply strip with LEDs (12V) to be fed programmatically PWM gradations of color toning is made. (12f675 hardware PWM having is not therefore programmatically PWM is used)

Note: Visuality 675 memory is not sufficient to improve the final version of the project for the 683 I’ve used it and transitions as required is provided in a very pleasant way.

RGB Led Drive Circuit Test

I use strips with RGB LEDs from 20 to 30 meters in length will flow is calculated. Mosfet will use the length can be increased. 237 BC in the accompanying video applications, and I use it a few LEDs for small lampshades easily spreadable.

PIC12F675 RGB Led Drive Circuit pic12f675 rgb led surucu

PIC12F675 RGB Led Drive Circuit 12volt serit rgb led

PIC12F675 RGB LED driver application files: pic12f675-rgb-led-drive-circuit.zip

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