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PIC12F629 PWM SMPS Control

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PIC12F629 microcontroller is done with PWM Control GP0, GP1 output MOSFETs with BUK555 in the SMPS transformer EI33 if sülü. 25kHz operating frequency of the circuit tests made ​​with 50w load. ATX SMPS power supply transformer ei33 from the author of deploying and re-festooned dressing.

It is a chopper to 25 kHz built around a PIC12F629 to operate on a 12V battery.It uses a transformer recovered in a power PC.The holding power has been tested up to 50 W, the secondary is wound depending on the need

PIC12F629 PWM SMPS Control pic12f629 transformer recovered pc power supply ei33 pwm microcontroller

PIC12F629 PWM SMPS Control ei33 Winding transformer atx ei33

Source: pagesperso-orange.fr PIC12F629 PWM SMPS Control alternative link: pic12f629-pwm-smps-control.rar

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