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Bridge Bidirectional DC Motor Speed ​​Control PWM PIC12F629

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Bridges connected motor speed control circuit 12f629 controller based on the PWM method and the motor is driven integrated outputs 2N7002 MOSFETs reinforced with assembly language prepared by the source. Asm,. Hex code and eagle prepared with diagrams, printed circuit board files there.

Fully solid-state, bi-directional output (without relays)
Lightweight materials SMD (surface mount)
10 A Maximum motor current (with MOSFETs)
Auto LVC (Low Voltage Cutoff) for 6 ~ 12V input voltage
For the smooth and efficient control of high-frequency PWM (3kHz)
1 A low dropout BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit)

Author motor control circuit used for speed control model aircraft projects

Aircraft Motor Speed ​​Control

Bridge Bidirectional DC Motor Speed ​​Control PWM  PIC12F629 bi directional speed controller 10a maximum motor current

Whilst there are many commercially reversible speed controllers available, most are designed for high performance model cars or boats, and therefore are large and expensive. I wanted a lighweight ESC for fitting into a small scale boat or submarine.

Fully solid state, bi-directional output (no relay!), Lightweight SMD (Surface Mount Device) construction, Up to 10A maximum motor current (with suitable output FETs) Automatic LVC (Low Voltage Cutoff) handles 6~12V batteries, Throttle neutral at standard 1.5mS, or 1.37mS for offset stick, Safety Arming. Motor won’t start until throttle is set to neutral High frequency PWM (3KHz) for smooth and efficient control 1A low dropout BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit)

Source: homepages.paradise.net.nz Bridge Bidirectional DC Motor Speed ​​Control pcb schematic diagram PIC12F629 pic assembly source code alternative link: bridge-bidirectional-dc-motor-speed-​​control-pwm-pic12f629.rar

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