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SHT11 Temperature Humidity Sensor Circuit MPX5100 PIC18F452

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This project implements the PIC, and if I believe that I will come a long way in PICC. I’m doing my best to work will try to share. Our first project with 18F452 detection of temperature, humidity, pressure values. To detect temperature and humidity sensor SHT11’ve used most commonly found on the market (a bit pricey but good quality: D)

MPX5100 pressure sensor to detect if player I used. SHT11 digital output is already giving and communicating with i2c protocol. Available for library files needed to use the PICC.

If MPX5100 pressure sensor produces an analog output. Obtained from the output voltage value is calculated using the pressure value. Datasheet available in the required form and in the following way;

Nominal Transfer Value: VOUT = VS (P x 0009-0095) ± (Pressure Error x Temp. Mult. X 0009 x VS) VS = 5.0 V ± 5% P kPa

Here we can calculate the value of P variables pulling pressure. I wrote the program using the language of the PICC. Opening and the graph shown on the main screen as I described in my earlier post that I created using bitmap2lcd program.

Temperature Humidity Circuit Proteus isis Schematic

SHT11 Temperature Humidity Sensor Circuit MPX5100  PIC18F452 algilama devresi isis semasi

MPX5100 SHT11 PIC18F452 circuit test

SHT11 and mpx5100a hooked up using the plaque female header with the extension cable so I can do when I want. Originally from a single source will transfer data to a PC for graphic LCD circuit and I’ve added some extra buttons for use in the future.

Source code files belonging to a project, proteus isis scheme ares pcb simulation files: sht11-temperature-humidity-sensor-circuit-mpx5100-pic18f452.ZIP

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