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PIC16F628 Microcontroller Heart Beat Control Circuit

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I understand the circuit with first aid training for use in the designed a kind of electronic heart in training model made ​​with heart massage in the control may be used for a different circuit, especially medical much about the circuit being a source Considering that the isis a simulation with prepare and try them there

A staggering fact is that, even today, less than 10% of sudden cardiac arrest victims (ie, heart attack) who are unconscious and not breathing are given CPR – in other words, 90%+ are not given any lifesaving treatment – because no-one knew what to do

PIC16F628 HeartBeat Control Circuit

PIC16F628  Microcontroller Heart Beat Control Circuit kalp atis sistem mikro

Source: http://www.siliconchip.com.au/cms/A_108147/article.html

Heart Beat Control Circuit schematic pcb and PIC16F628 Microcontroller pic assembly source code alternative links: pic16f628-microcontroller-heart-beat-control-circuit.RAR alternative link2

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