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Calculating PCB Track

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UltraCAD company deploys with this program as a free PCB in the heat of the current-carrying capacity and Alex DLE 70 Professional displays the values. Calculation program does not require installation to work, the file must be in the windows system folder installed vbrun300

A motor drive circuit of shunt resistance on the pcb according to the schedule made by drawing a circle road:)

Calculating PCB Track pcb res temp calculator

# Track width; “Mil” means “thou” or thousandths of an inch.
# Copper thickness; most high quality double-sided PCB copper is 2 oz type.
# Copper thickness; hobby grade single sided is often 1 oz type.

To calculate a PCB track resistor;
# Enter Width = 10 (standard PCB fine track)
# Enter Thickness = 2 (standard PCB copper)
# Enter Length = 1 inch
# Click “recalc” (answer is in ohms per inch of track)

Then check the track does not get too hot;
# Enter your max Amps
# Click Temp CHANGE (Solve)
# Observe temp, check resistance has not risen too much
# Try to keep track temp change less than 10’C

Source: http://www.romanblack.com/pcbtemp.htm Alternative link: Calculating PCB Track.ZIP

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