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LPT Port Logic Analyzer Program

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Program logic analyzer lpt parallel port of the computer that is connected to a simple circuit works with 8-channel support. Windows Win2000, NT, XP, 95, 98, ME operating systems are supported. Channel is recording the information received from the computer

LPT Logic Analyzer

LPT Port Logic Analyzer Program logic analyzer pc parallel port lpt

Logic analyzer PC parallel port

Support ECP parallel ports., Record up to 8 channels., Use any parallel port. Sampling at up to 1 million samples per second, depending on your hardware. Record 32768 samples., Save and load recordings to/from disk Use an “Advanced Trigger” sceme. It waits for a channel to remain stable for a given time (Delay), and then it starts sampling after the first change of that channel.

Source: goo.gl/tKGh LPT Logic Analyzer and Hardware schematic files Alternative link: lpt-port-logic-analyzer-program.RAR

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