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Stick Mixer Circuit

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The Stick Mixer, to stick to Melody and Bass entered the first stage operational amplifiers, amplify each twice, the second operational amplifiers in the mix. Third step is the second mixer circuit inverted signal back to a positive phase. Mixing process, given the non-inverting amplification Low Cost first stage is to TL072, 2 second to third step is to use the NJM5532. This op amp is TL072, NJM4558, NJM4580, NJM5532, NE5532 in comparison to the audition decided.

Op amp mixer circuit

Stick Mixer Circuit mixer kutu

Gain is about twice the set, but if the volume set is when there is not enough, R10, R21 resistance to a large value of the volume increase. Calculated expressions (R10 + R12) / R10 = Gain. R12 to 22 k do change, (10 k +22 k) / 10k = 3.2 times the (R21 is the same.). Also, R7 increase the value of gain is also increased. In that case, R7/R3 = gain. Both the overall gain is the product of the circuit will be a bigger change too much, please. I tried to test the value of various time, R10, R21 to change when it is not as sound effects are felt.

Source: gomsoftware.com/ stick mixer circuit schematic pcb files alternative link: stick-mixer-circuit.rar

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