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10×10 LED Blinking 555 Flip Flop Circuit

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NE555 timer integrated LEDs with a simple animation (flip flop) circuit. Flashing speed and brightness of the LEDs on the circuit, you can set with tirimpot’s drawing of the circuit PCB LEDs can sort in the way you want.

LEDs placed on the PCB smoking section must be fitted to the 100 resistance of the circuit supply voltage of 9 volts DC, 100 LEDs can be used.

It may seem that the maximum load of 0.5 A is too large to operate from battery devitivolté, but when setting minimum periods of sunshine and lowest frequency flicker radically reduces the consumption of the entire plant. You can mount the whole square LEDs, but also create their own images. We tried to smile, your invention may be boundless.

555 Flip Flop Smile

10x10 LED Blinking 555 Flip Flop Circuit 100 led flip flop flasor

Connections using standard integrated pulse generator circuit 555, for which there is a variety of simulation programs. We are also in the design diagram advantage of today’s simulation software. Frequency are determined primarily by capacitor C1 and trimmer TR1. In case you still a far longer lower frequency only need to select a larger capacity C1. Assuming that you use parts provided with the kit, the frequency range from 1 Hz up to the speed of vibration that gives the impression of continuous sunshine (But given that, in fact, still working status indicator lights / Off, power consumption is much lower than if watered pattern nespínaným regime – for example, directly from the battery.) trimmer T2 is determined mainly rotate – time ratio becomes shine / Off. Since circuit 555 can be loaded with up to 200 mA and our pattern may consume despite 500mA LEDs must be switched through the power transistor NPN bd135 (or its foreign equivalent). To simplify PCB design and the possibility of power connections directly from a 9V battery, we chose the involvement of the display as a set of 33 units consisting of three LEDs in series. To each unit shone needs to have a closed circuit – either all of it will be filled by LEDs, or if necessary, replace the diode resistor – this option is especially useful when building shapes. Once the burning of one of the three diodes connected in series off neither. The same applies to the combination of LED and resistor

source: stavebnice.richardvacula.com 10×10 LED Blinking 555 Flip Flop Circuit schematic PCB files alternative link: 10×10-led-blinking-555-flip-flop-circuit.rar

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