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NCP1380 Flyback SMPS Circuit 12V 5.8A

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NCP1380 fixed switching frequency of the driven circuit NCP1236 and changer using the effect of switching at a minimum voltage (valley switching) with the controller NCP1380. For the needs of comparison was designed a test board with NCP1380. Design resources comes from the 65 W adapter with controller NCP1236 described in the application note . Unchanged was taken as the input of the EMI filter, a power circuit, a feedback circuit with a TL431 and a large part of the motive circuit.

NCP1380 Flyback SMPS Circuit 12V 5.8A switching mode power supply smps flyback converter emc

At the source with NCP1380 is on the contrary the switching frequency dependent on the input voltage. With the increasing voltage on the capacitor voltage an intermediate circuit Cbulk increases the steepness of the increase in the current of the primary winding and by increasing switching frequency. At low input voltage 115 is at full load on the capacitor Cbulk ripple 68, a switching frequency that varies between 36,6 and to 45.2 kHz.

NCP1380 Flyback SMPS Circuit 12V 5.8A smps circuit ncp1380 flyback 12v 70w

NCP1380 Flyback SMPS Circuit 12V 5.8A srcb flyback smps circuit pcb schematic all files alternative links: ncp1380-flyback-smps-circuit-12v-5-8a.rar alternative link2

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