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Hot Air Gun Soldering Control MSP430F2013 Project

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MSP430 series microcontrollers use is increasing day by day I’m sure these habits will further increase is not primarily about MSP430 MSP430 For detailed information I suggest you look into writing about

Of an electronics circuit that uses a lot of hot air station provides control of the application rather than being a ready power control with MSP430 project will work in the application source code that could limp printed circuit diagrams have all the resources.

MSP430F2013 checks were made and the air motor thermistor temperature control circuit with MOC3063 triac drive 220v isolated from the high voltage side of the partition with 220v high-voltage connections carefully.

MSP430 Project Soldering Hot Air Gun

Hot Air Gun Soldering Control MSP430F2013 Project msp430 sicak hava tabancasi msp430f2013

Source: Source: http://radiokot.ru/lab/controller/52/ Alternative link: hot-air-gun-soldering-control-msp430f2013-project.rar

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