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New Generation Line Follower Robot MSP430

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Line following robot projects even on the same topic, why do you always have to think who left, but I’m just not the progress most countries we anlaşım competitions anyway. because the new generation of microchip pic microcontrollers atmel or series of our robot, not just for the engine version, made with MSP430 MOSFETs used sensors have been used but not I think the problem some classical ldr software include the MSP430 line following robot construction explained to the smallest detail (English), a project that may be useful.

New Generation Line Follower Robot MSP430 line follower robot with texas instruments 16 bit msp430g2231 microcontroller

Source: ermicro.com/blog/?p=2104 alternative link: new-generation-line-follower-robot-msp430.rar

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