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MSP430 LaunchPad kit works with a lot of features with MSP430 development kit … MSP430G2553, MSP430G2452 microcontroller supports PCB, schema files as well as sample applications are PCB design pretty solid nice sharing involved the person who prepares thanks to

GPIO Control: read Buttons and LED lighting
In total 8 GPIO pin to access external
2 × 16 LCD Erkan to use
7 Segment Display to use
DS18B20 temperature sensor to use
MSP430 built-in temperature sensor to read
Single-channel ADC can measure
2 channel ADC can measure
DS1302 digital clock application
Micro SD Card App
SD Card (microSD to SD has been translated)
P1 and P2 prototype area and head for port are
The bottom portion of the breadboard prototype (SOIC and TSSOP footprint DC Adapter jack, and SMD footprint of the SOT-23)

MSP430 Development Kit msp430 devolpent board

source: fatihinanc.com/msp430-cesitli/msp430-egitim-kiti-turkiyede-tasarlandi-ve-uretildi/ alternative link: msp430-development-kit.zip alternative link2 alternative link3

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