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Calculation Program MC34063A MC33063A

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MC34063A Up, Step Down to a simple handy converter IC − DCDC mc3406a calculation tool I used had a problem with this program I have shared this search is doing a more detailed calculation of the variations of the circuit to be used can be selected fast diode, etc.

Calculation Program MC34063A MC33063A MC34063 Switching Controller MC34063 Universal Calculator

Calculation Program MC34063A MC33063A MC33063A Switching Controller MC33063A Universal Calculator

MC34063 Switching Controller Universal Calculator

If you ever worked with the MC34063 Switching Controller, you know what a pain it is to calculate all the part values. This tool is an universal tool to help you with this process. You can calculate any standard application, such as step-up, step-down, inverting and step-up-down. PS: I would be happy about any (positive xD) reviews as well as any bugreports, comments or feature requests that you might have!

source: sourceforge.net/projects/mc34063uc alternative link: calculation-program-mc34063a-mc33063a.ZIP alternative link2

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