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12V to 320V DC DC Converter MC34063 High-Power

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MC34063 (njm2360) and 12V input 320V output dc dc converter circuit guess a small 37 inch television run, but such an application to experiment with I output of the circuit to be isolated because of how the results do not know what more to be mixed and less material is used for the short time I’ll try a circuit for MOSFET 2SK3131 2SK3132 or used ..

MC34063 320V DC DC Converter Schematic

12V to 320V DC DC Converter MC34063  High Power switching fet njm2360 mc34063 12volt 320volt

I was in the coil of 300μH in the end 15A. There are also 300 grams weighs. 0.3 km is not lightly never in it is assumed that the 4-5 kg ​​weight system, but with possible unavoidable Well Given the importance of having the coil. I wanted to be much smaller and I’d rather it ‘s a 75μH 15A in if true, but I inconvenience of the coil that there is no room for such selection.

Current situation is important to give a performance because there is no FET ideal, it is to select a reasonable waste to examine the specs unfortunately. voltage absolute first. 400V as soon as chopper that disadvantage decisively at the time it is … We need at least because it is 330V output.

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