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Switching Regulators Application Power Supply Book

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Maxim electronic circuits used in the various departments a highly integrated manufacturing power supplies for applications to produce integrated application circuits as package in PDF format e-books (Maxim Power Supply Cookbook) for free as distributing started

323 pieces in a wide range of voltage and current switching converter application dcdc (Inverting, Step down, Step-up)’s

Some of integrated control used: MAX1873T, MAX1846, MAX1685, MAX1847, MAX1856, MAX668, MAX8564, MAX1953, MAX8543, MAX1864T, MAX503, MAX1916, MAX1917, MAX1954, MAX1701, MAX669

Circuit of the list of materials input, output voltage, efficiency, operating frequency information given winding

Switching Power Supply Book

Maxim has developed power supplies for a wide range of applications. Choose the specifications that most closely meet your needs. Then view a circuit design, complete with schematic diagram and bill of materials. Evaluation boards and custom variations of these designs are available to qualified customers. Please contact your local Maxim sales office to request an assembled circuit.

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