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12V to 16V DC DC Converter Circuit MAX643

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DC to DC Converter Adjustable CMOS Step-Up Switching regulator MAX643 circuit made ​​with integrated MOSFETs supported by irf540 power output increased 45 kHz operating frequency of the circuit used in the circuit 0.8mm wire on the coil ring toroidal core 40 to be wound round

MAX643 DC DC Converter

12V to 16V DC DC Converter Circuit MAX643 MAX643 12Volt 16Volt DC DC Konvertor Devresi 120x120 12V to 16V DC DC Converter Circuit MAX643 torodial trafo nuve bobin 120x120

To load parcels from 3 cells or polymer lithium ion battery charger using economic presented on this site (chargers for Lithium Polimery) it is necessary to have an input voltage of at least 16 volts.
Unfortunately, the source field of energy available is usually a 12 volt battery. I wanted then to design and implement this circuit voltage switching lift from 12 to 16.5 volts for everyone to use it to the field without problems. The project is based on an integrated Maxim, a MAX643 that with very few external components to achieve lift current tensions even for a few amperes.

In a nutshell goes to the mosfet and nell’induttore periodically conduct a current flows. It is therefore stored nell’induttore a certain amount of energy. When the mosfet does not lead to more tension dell’induttore leaders abruptly reversed making the mosfet drain of more positive formats. The current then through shottky 1N5822 diode loads the condenser C2. For each cycle, therefore, the voltage on C2 salt until the MAX643 through partitore resistive composed of R3, R4a and R4b detects a value exceeding a certain threshold on foot VFB. THE mosfet at this point cease to go in periodically conduct and the output voltage begins to fall for the absorption of cargo and the loss of capacitor until the voltage on VFB falls below the threshold. At this point the mosfet begins again to work at a frequency of 45 kHz with time about opening gate approximately 11 usec.

input (12.2 volt, 260 ma) output (16.5 volt, 160 ma) eff = 82%
input (12.3 volt, 390 ma) output (16.5 volt, 250 ma) eff = 85%
input (12.3 volt, 570 ma) output (16.4 volt, 360 ma) eff = 84%
input (12.3 volt, 1100 ma) output (16.4 volt, 630 ma) eff = 76%
input (12.2 volt, 1200 ma) output (16.2 volt, 740 ma) eff = 82%
input (12.2 volt, 1280 ma) output (16.2 volt, 800 ma) eff = 83%
input (12.2 volt, 1365 ma) output (16.2 volt, 860 ma) eff = 84%
input (12.2 volt, 1450 ma) output (16.2 volt, 910 ma) eff = 83%
input (12.2 volt, 1490 ma) output (16.2 volt, 930 ma) eff = 83%

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