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100W Amplifier Circuit LYNX PCB

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LYNX amp driver stage counted output transistors by increasing the number 500w, ….. 1000w amp circuits is done only on the drive slightest changes happening LYNX mini-project 2 power transistors used accordingly in the output power 100w noise THD rate is very low (0.005) PCB design has been excellent

NPN power transistors: 2SC5200 instead used MJL21194 PNP: 2SA1943 used instead MJL21193 working voltage +-40v

100W Amplifier Circuit LYNX PCB lynx pcb 100w anfi devresi hifi amplifier

LYNX printed circuit board PCB, layout, schematics, bill of materials have all the necessary source files: hifi.czweb.org Alternatif link: 100w-amplifier-circuit-lynx-pcb.rar

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