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All the source codes and other related instances of LPC2103 ARM have codes in addition to the LPC2103 test set the scheme also finds

Simple LPC2103 LED blinking LED blinking program for Simple program for LPC2103 LPC2103 by using GNU toolchain under uVision3 IDE, External interrupt example (EINT0) for LPC2103, ILI9320 Portrait example for LPC2103 Simple pure color screen display for inspection, the Demo example for LPC2103 board stack with a 3.5″ TFT LCD module Simple pure color display for screen inspection and PutPixel routine verified

TIMER 0 example (TMR0) for LPC2103 This example P0_8 wired to the LED blinks at a rate of 100msec with timing provided by TIMER 0 for interrupt ten match MR0. A peripheral clock speed of 15MHz assumed. This speed has been adjusted.VKP for a 12MHz 12MHz with Fcck of crystal freq = * 5, and Pclk = 12MHz * 5/4, i.e. 15MHz

LPC2103 TIMER 0 example (TMR0) using irq This example uses vectored irq with the highest priority for timer 0 to produce a 50% duty cycle on pin P0_8 (LED) with a period of 200ms. The period is configured in tmrInit (void).

LPC2103 Examples evaluation board nxp lpc2103

Source: techtoys.com.hk/ARM_boards/LPC2103_Eval_1A/LPC2103_Eval_1A.htm alternative link: lpc2103-examples.rar alternative link2

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