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LPC11U35FHI33-M0 501 ARM experiment board pcb

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ARM-based rapid prototyping for custom designs or LPC11U35FHI33/501, ARM M0 that is built on a microprocessor card handy to complete the schema is completed and all source files for PCB drawings, samples a given project…

In addition, a smaller version of the card you see in the pictures (tiny arm)

MCU: NXP ARM M0 LPC11U35FHI33 / 501 64K flash memory, 8K RAM, 4K EEPROM 48MHz speed
Core voltage: 3.3 V (for 3.3 V LDO regulator built in)
MCU Package: QFN 5x5mm, 0.5 mm pitch 32
PCB dimensions 1.5 “x 0.775” (19.7 mm x 38.1 mm)
2 layers PCB
1mm PCB Thickness (recommended) (standard 1.6 mm ).
Eagle PCB CAD File format + PDF + Gerber files.
Technology, SMD 0402, 0.5 mm pitch QFN.
Power Options, USB, internal 3.3 V, with 3.3 V LDO regulator (inclusive) max external 16V
2×15 header pins, DIP, 0.7 “row spacing. All MCU I / O pins to access.
Micro B USB connection
Debugger connector SWD 2×5 pin header, 0.5
(Operation for MCU-48MHz) 12mhz crystal.
LEDs power (blue) USB status (Yesil), Application (red),
NXP LPCXpresso IDE (Eclipse-based, free)

arm development board

LPC11U35FHI33 M0 501 ARM experiment board pcb mcu nxp arm cekirdek gerilim 3 3v ldo regulator dahili

LPC11U35FHI33 M0 501 ARM experiment board pcb mcu nxp arm m0 lpc11u35fh bellek 64k flas 8k ram 4k eeprom 48mhz

source: github.com/zapta/arm/tree/master/pro-mini alternative link: lpc11u35fhi33-m0-501-arm-experiment-board-pcb.rar alternative link2

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