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555 Stepper Motor Driver Circuit

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Circuit made ​​a long time ago and has been tested. There were a problem in the operation and construction. We must do BDX53 your engine is larger output transistors. 5 and 6 pin motors can be run with the circuit.

Four-ended output transistor to run the engine to be increased. So four BC327 should be added. If you want to add BDX53 transistors transistors used should be BDX54. Our next meeting will present such a circuit.

3006 multi-turn potentiometer P1 type setting using the maximum speed should be done with it. Pots brought to the maximum value of the motor is caused to rotate slowly. P2 according to the minimum value after the engine speed is caused to rotate.

P2-turn potentiometer is set at the maximum speed of the engine. Thus, the setting can be made. Now the circuit is ready for use. Motor terminals should be connected as shown in the connection.

555 Stepper Motor Driver Schematic

555 Stepper Motor Driver Circuit step motor surucu 150x150

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