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LM317 Li-Ion Batteries Fast Charger Circuit

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Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, charging in a constant voltage constant current system. Charger No-load voltage is a deep discharge battery check if below 2.9V per cell 0.1ltmA after charging at a certain time than 3.0V per cell stop Check voltage imbalance in every cell battery voltage, if abnormal voltage stop One is a single cell voltage of 4.2V or 4.1V or more when the stop

Regulations limit the supply voltage with a constant voltage + LM317 current cap of + LM393 to detect and stop the current termination charge is a simple enough. And probably not fully charged.

LM317 Li-Ion Charger Schematic

LM317 Li Ion Batteries Fast Charger Circuit lityum iyon pil sarj

Fast-charger lithium ion rechargeable battery pack for three cell LM317 Li-Ion Batteries Fast Charger Circuit: lm317-li-ion-batteries-fast-charger-circuit.rar

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