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LM3914 120 Led Stereo Vu meter circuit

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VU meter circuit left and right channel as the second section consists of circuits 6 10 s LED display used ultimately each display 10 LEDs where the per channel 60 LEDs are used a total of 120 LEDs at the same time per channel 6 LM3914 is used to integrate a one synchronous with the works, but located on the first audio signal entering the circuit 1k (application used 3.3K) by measuring with a multimeter necessary to adjust potentiometers

Calibration; The first section 20 mV, 150 mV 10 Chapter 20 Section 300 mV and 900 mv…………. 60 Section

Pcb design made ​​with sprint layout of the circuit. Layer PCBs have drawings of extension resources.

LM3914 120 Led Stereo Vu meter circuit lm3914 synchronization lm3914 vumeter

source: radioskot.ru/publ/svetodiodnyj_indikator_urovnja_signala/1-1-0-579 alternative: lm3914-120-led-stereo-vu-meter-circuit.RAR alternative link 2

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