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Personally, I use an integrated LM3886 obviously a Popular and saw a lot of applications in electronics store, most are cheap and low cost, using very few ingredients can make your amp with

LM3886 Circuit-1: Amplifier circuit 50w power pcb design made ​​quite a small clamps and connectors for input and output power connections on the supply section is not used as an additional card can

LM3886 Circuit-2: Parallel connection folded with the LM3886 power 100w mono works great petakl good to use a cooler or you can use the cpu cooler fan

LM3886 Circuit-3: The famous BPA200 Pralel Links Used pcb LM3886 with power 200w 4, but a very small two-storey

LM3886  Amplifier Circuits Archive lm3886 50w anfi mini pcb 150x150 LM3886  Amplifier Circuits Archive 100w paralel lm3886 anfi pcb 150x150 LM3886  Amplifier Circuits Archive 200w lm3886 anfi pcb bpa2001 150x150

Circuits with 100% Working Standard Datasheet Application of the standard files in the same supply circuit according to the power of your amp PCB files have receive your materials

Output power supply circuit according to changes in the material to be

50W: 1N5407 Diodes Capacitors 3300uF 50v
100W: 6800uF Capacitors 50V Diodes 1N5407
200W: 10000uF 50v Capacitors Diodes 6A10

Speaker ohmic and operating voltage to be selected accordingly

68 W output power 4 ohm speakers should be used for the appropriate supply voltage symmetrical ±28V
8 ohm speakers power 38W supply voltage symmetrical ±28V
8 ohm speakers power 50W gsupply voltage symmetrical ±35V

LM3886  Amplifier Circuits Archive lm3886 yuksek performans 68w ses guc amplifikator

LM3886 Amplifier circuits and circuit schematics and PCB files can be used in the drawing of a symmetrical supply circuit: lm3886-amplifier-circuits-archive.rar

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