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Gainclone LM3875 PCB

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LM3875 National company’s most popular amp integrated one of the on the web a lot of applications there is also a very good quality sound systems are used in LM3875 rms 56W gives music power 100w THD rate is very low clean sound, giving … LM3875 Gainclo in the design pcb printed circuit board size quite small (ExpressPCB program with prepared) Gain also, Decibels, HPF program to calcd’s Point values​​.

Gainclone LM3875 PCB lm3875 gainclone lm3875 pcb

You can do the calculation on the middle section of the site (works as ofline) the manufacturer’s specification, except resistance and capacitor (R3, R4, C5), you can change the values of the desired result.

Gainclone LM3875 PCB gain decibels hpf point calculator

Source: pasidaryk.puslapiai.lt/Stiprintuvas%20su%20LM3875.html alternative link: gainclone-lm3875-pcb.rar

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