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Stereo VU-Meter Circuit 100-LED

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vu meter circuit lm339 12 LM393 opamp 1 used 50 LEDs per channel falls on the pcb drawings have all the parts available in the market

is on the Internet a lot, but the indicator with more than 15 LED Unfortunately, I have found. 2 x 50 LED. I have decided therefore to the design of a simple and relatively cheap indicator with 2 x 50 LED.

Technical data
Voltage: 12Vss stab.
Consumption: 10 mA to 1.2A
Initial resistance: 2.2 kOhm
Rozmery: 292 x 36 mm Dimensions: 292 x 36 mm

Source: http://www.elweb.cz/clanky.php?clanek=100 VU-Meter Circuit 100-LED schematic PCB alternative link: vu-meter-circuit-100-led.rar

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