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Adjustable Regulator Module LM317T Circuit

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Compensated regulator IC LM317T LM317T adjustable positive voltage regulator IC Module PCB drawing pcb printed circuit board size is quite small for the modules that you can use to adjust voltage potentiometer connected by cable LM317T pcb on the part of the bridge rectifier diodes (1N4007 can be used 4) the filter capacitor (1000uF) and so on. is sufficient to connect only the output of the transformer dc sources (pc power supply, dcadaptör, etc.). chart the way you want to use no need to use 1000F capacitor 1000uF and 100uF 25v output that give you the highest voltage level to enable an integrated use of all the capacitors voltage is adjustable from 1.2V 32V must be at least 35V

Adjustable Regulator Module LM317T Circuit lm317 circuit lm317 pcb lm317 power supply

LM317 power supply circuit PCB sch Eagle : adjustable-regulator-module-lm317t-circuit.rar

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