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9V to 13.8V DC DC Converter Circuit LM2577

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A search 9v to 12v converter circuit requester had a person which article do not remember was a bit late but certainly someone that would work for a circuit dc-dc converter circuit’s input voltage 9 … 13.8v between the output 13.8 volts (12 .12 v adjustable) 13.8 volt output with 1.68 amps can give

Used coil value 125uh 2 pc power supply in the output filter coil core on the winding can be done also on the source site introduction to the filter if added, better results are said to be the filter coil de pc power supply 220 volts input and can be found in

9V to 13.8V the boost converter I tried to make a boost converter using the LM2577 Series of various step-down, step-up is out, the IC is an IC for power supply.

Function is a monolithic integrated circuit step-up (boost), flyback, and a built-in all of the power / control function of forward converter switching regulators. There is a variable output voltage of ADJ version and fixed output voltage version, 12V, 15V of the this device. I am using as a variable type fixed output this time. This is because when you set the output value by mistake, it is not to overpower.

LM2577 9V to 13.8V Boost Converter

9V to 13.8V DC DC Converter Circuit LM2577 lm2577 9v to 13v production boost converter 150x150 9V to 13.8V DC DC Converter Circuit LM2577 guc filtresi 150x150

But is an experimental result, Input voltage: 9V ~ 13.8V (Variation value is 0.2V or less), output current 13.8V:: 1.5A output voltage within Board size: 40mm (w) × 40mm (d) × 25mm (h)

I think that even if the use of lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium battery, lithium-ion battery or the like, so you get any output of 13.8V in a stable, convenient to move operation. The input voltage is changed, stable output voltage, so obtained, the battery even if the voltage drop, the output voltage is kept constant.

source 9V to 13.8V Boost Converter

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