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Using Linux previously Linux programs, which was turned into a package of Electronics, is a good source for electronic…

Boreas GNU/Linux et al 0.2 (64-bit)

Electricity and electronics for the first time 12 years ago dealing with people who are thoughtfully prepared Boreas GNU/Linux distribution and support of updated software and new and emerging technologies in terms of in terms of the version 0.2 has been completed. The purpose of this release is the Linux, electronic software introducing a lot of information and over time create a roof for those who use this software for this software, and even free enhancements develop in the future.

Pardus Linux corporate is basically developed by taking the distribution of the boreas 0.2 5 in to mate desktop environment than KDE, converted package system, of course, remained as Deb, the Visual arrangements were made and the following have been added to the applications in the list.

the Alliance (VLSI design tools)
Arduino (Arduino software development environment)
AVR Asm. (AVR asm. language)
AVR Prog. (AVR programmer)
Boa Constructor (Python software development environment similar to Delphi)
Draw the timing (Timing diagram drawing program)
Dia (diagram drawing program)
Easy Spice (spice for graphical interface)
Eclipse CDT (Eclipse software development environment)
Electrical (circuit drawing Program)
Energia (Energia software development environment)
Emu8051 (emulator software for 8051)
FreeCAD + PCB Module (PCB module, solid model development software supported)
FreeHDL (VHDL simulation software)
Fritzing (Fritzing drawing program)
Gambas (Basic VBasic software development environment)
Geda (Schematic circuit drawing package)
gerbv (Gerber file pointer)
logic (logic simulation software)
GnuCap (circuit analysis software)
GNU assembler, linker and binary tools
im GPS (GNU pic simulator)
gputils (Gnu pic utilities)
gtkwave (GTK-signal notation software)
OpenCV ( open source computer vision library)
Icarus Verilog (Verilog simulator)
Kicad (schematic and PCB circuit drawing package)
Lazarus (Delphi like Pascal in software development environment)
LibreCAD (2-dimensional CAD software)
Lpc Tools development tools for the LPC)
Mcu8051 IDE (software development environment for 8051)
Debug. Msp (MSP for debugging software)
Octave (Matlab alternative)
Oregano (drawing and simulation program)
Pcb (Pcb circuit drawing program)
Pcb2gCode (Manufacturer code)
Picprog (Pic programmer)
Processing (processing programming language)
Putty (Telnet client)
Migros logic Analyzer logic Analyzer software)
qElectrotech (Drawing program)
router (VLSI Tool)
Qucs (circuit simulation software)
QT Development QT development environment)
The owner (the C programming language for microcontrollers)
Simul AVR (AVR Microcontroller simulation software)
Stimul pic (simulation software for pic microcontrollers)
Tkgate (simulation software)
Verilator (Verilog Simulator)
Yocto Project (Board OS Embedded Framework)
Xcircuit (Drawing Program)
Xoscope (use it as a sound card oscilloscope software)

Advanced robotic versions of software, the peak giant, piklab and recommended programs, if the inclusion of the developed software is being considered.

GB and the total size is approximately 3.1 can be downloaded from the following address.

I hope you enjoy it.

Download : boreas_linux_02.iso

Boreas Linux and free Hardware Facebook Group

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