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Led Wall Washer Led Lighting

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LED Wall Washer quite popular very sophisticated applications , there are those made ​​in larger sizes will share the cost of the circuit can be used for small-scale jobs is low and it is easy to make . There are an average of 65 LEDs on the circuit . Circuit 12V DC and is working with the third line of logic has been designed with LEDs in series . McD and will use half- angle of the LED is very important. Wide angle for close distances you can use to narrow angle LEDs .

Power LED based on cost advantages are very low and there is no overheating problem . Power LED light does not give up even benefit your business in many applications . Circuit is modular . According to your request and commissioned more than one side by side, combining the power of light and can increase domain .

Note: I’ve used the resistance value in the circuit LED current 20mA and 150 ? 10mA LED current is resistor vicinity of 330 ? You can use the general vicinity resistor 12v 3 series LEDs and a resistor connected to work , I hooked up the second series resistor after the LED is not an error in this connection by the LED kalitelite will not have any trouble . General LED signage is also done this way .

Printed circuit board on A4 paper can SIMA . A5 piece of paper can remove or 2 , you can press the PCB .

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LED Wall Washer ares proteus pcb file: led-wall-washer-led-lighting.rar

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