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ATMEGA162 LCD Oscilloscope Circuit

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A very nice project cost is a bit high in our country, even hard to find parts Atmel AVR microcontroller series dealing with this type of project is ideal for those who want to learn about

I think part of that is difficult to have the most expensive LCD LMG6402PLF Hitachi LCD Screen LCD Oscilloscope ATMEGA162 microcontroller circuit board have all the details on

Atmel AVR LCD Oscilloscope

ATMEGA162 LCD Oscilloscope Circuit lcd osiloskop pcb

The oscilloscope is one of the the most important tools to be used by any electronics hobbyist but not everybody can afford to have one. As commercial scopes are often too expensive, almost every electronics hobbyist thought at a certain time to build one from scratch. The classical oscilloscope (cathode ray tube) is difficult to build at home because of its size, mechanical fragility, high voltages presence, etc. An alternative solution is the modern “PC oscilloscope”, having the advantage of post-processing and recording capabilities, and kind of reduced complexity. However, this solution is often non-portable, expensive (requires an PC) and dangerous for the PC if not isolated from it’s chassis. The third solution, commonly used these days by all commercial oscilloscope manufacturers, is the digital oscilloscope with LCD screen. Therefore, the authors decided to use this solution, and tried to develop it using common parts from today’s component retailers.

Maximum sample frequency: 40MSPS
Maximum input frequency: 5MHz
Maximum displayed frequency without aliasing: 10MHz
Input circuit bandwidth: 20MHz
Display resolution: 240×128 total, trace resolution 200×125
Sensitivity: 40mV/div
Coupling: DC
Input impedance: 10K
Power supply: single DC source 8V..10V, 1A
No incremental mode
Time base: 1s/div, 500ms/div, 200ms/div, 100ms/div, 50ms/div/, 20ms/div, 10ms/div, 5ms/div, 2ms/div, 1ms/div, 500us/div, 200us/div, 100us/div, 50us/div, 20us/div, 10us/div, 5us/div, 2us/div, 1us/div, 500ns/div
Trigger: digitally adjustable
Trace offset: digitally adjustable

source : eosystems.ro/eoscope/eoscope_en.htm LCD Oscilloscope Circuit files alternative link: atmega162-lcd-oscilloscope-circuit.rar alternative link3 alternative link4

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