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Preparation of Printed Circuit Board with PVC Lamination PCB

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This Preparation pcb printed circuit works and heavily for trying to make the job easier, more effortless to make the search’m inside I found every document I’m looking though now fast and smooth pcb printing can do, but better answer can be :)

The person named Thomas Pfeifer shared on the site board pcb with a different method of extraction methods, but the result is very good like

Using a special printing of paper with a laser printer hp1010 output circuit is a magazine page. Copper plaque cleaning with acetone (acetone than normal have a powerful combination) on the output plate steadies PVC lamination machine, ironing whether modified pcby this machine instead of having 5 .6 times. Here’s how it’s very important if I push, ısıtsa, that’s it :) questions such as ironing enough job disappears automatically tied to.

Finally plaque throws acid soluble copper plaque after being cleaned with acetone, hot air gun and Kirei PCBs are plated with solder it before I thought why not :) it’s my job Yunti will accelerate more

PVC Lamination Printed Circuit Board PCB

Source: http://thomaspfeifer.net/platinen_aetzen_doppelseitig.htm

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