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Laboratory Power Source LM338 0-30V 30A MJ15004

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Given that quite actively interested in the construction of power supplies power amplifiers, as well as for the design of switching and linear power, so I embarked on the design and subsequent construction of a linear power supply with parameters advising the construction of the category of “laboratory”, mainly due to the scope of regulation voltage range of 0V – 30 (35V), the maximum allowable current consumption 30A, which can additionally select sampling voltage directly from the source, when no load current not limited to the boundaries 30A (internally structurally restricted) and remove the voltage across the current-limiting fuse with a current in the range of 15 mA – 20A (30A). These parameters show of excellent noise suppression, very small ripple output voltage and output voltage stability. Source is also able to work with large output currents even if you set the minimum output voltage, due to the proposed election voltage transformer in cooperation with komparačním 15V/30V circuit. LM338

MJ15004 LM338 Power Source Main Schematic

Laboratory  Power Source  LM338 0 30V 30A MJ15004 mj15004 lm338 power source main schematic

Laboratory  Power Source  LM338 0 30V 30A MJ15004 linear power supply lm338 0 30v 30a transformator

I decided this design complemented by a symmetrical voltage source with output voltage options (± 9V, 12V, 15V, 18V) enabled 3A max current consumption. The entire structure is complemented by a series of auxiliary circuits, which include the control unit ventilators for reliable cooling of active semiconductor devices and resources in case of heat Overload automatically disconnects power branch circuit PROTECT TEMP,

0-30V 30Amp Laboratory Power Source schematic pcb files download: laboratory-power-source-lm338-0-30v-30a-mj15004.rar alternative link2

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