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2W Amplifier Circuit LA4182

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2 watts summer look that many computer users within the mini-500w sound system than the quality of integrated 2W Amplifier la4182’s :) circuit can operate with supply voltages from 5v … 9v.

LA4182 2-Channel AF Power Amplifier

Built-in 2 channels enabling use in stereo and bridge amplifier applications. High output: 2.3 W/channel, VCC = 9 V, RL = 4 W, and 4.7 W/bridge, RL = 8 W. Minimum number of external parts required : 9 pcs. min. (Stereo/bridge). Small pop noise at the time of power supply ON/OFF due to built-in muting circuit. Good ripple rejection ratio due to built-in ripple filter. Soft tone at the time of output saturation. Good channel separation. . Voltage gain fixed at 45 dB (Bridge: 51 dB)

source LA4182-2w-aplifier-circuit 2W Amplifier Alternative link: 2w-amplifier-circuit-la4182.rar

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