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13.8V 10A Power Supply Circuit L4970A

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L4970A Switching Regulator IC, bjt transistor mosfet output alone, i.e. without connecting to the 10 amp power can give. Accordingly, in case the other regulator according to the larger entegrelerine (multiwatt15v) L4970A 13.8 Volt 10 amp power supply, the output voltage can be adjusted between 5 k potentiometer as the author out of the 13.8 v 9.14 v and used. Inner diameter of 23.6 mm, the width of the toroidal took off 14.4 mm, height 9 mm diameter L4970A DCDC converter circuit diagram, pcb layout, and Bill of materials.

13.8V 10A Power Supply Circuit L4970A l4970a dcdc pcb power supply switch mode

Also the power supply 0-25v L4970A have adjustable dcdc Source: ok2kkw.com/00003016/step_down_ps/step_down_ps.htm alternative link: 13-8v-10a-power-supply-circuit-l4970a.rar alternative link2 alternative link2

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