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Stepper Motor driver circuit with L297 L298

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L298 L297 Motor Driver Robot, cnc, or you could use different control projects prepared with sprint layout PCB and the SPLA have been prepared with schema file.

L298 is an integrated H-bridge driver. Bipolar stepper motors are designed for driving. Max 2A/Phas could flow. The output signal is applied to the input phase upgrade to serve.

L297 L298 Motor driver

Stepper Motor driver circuit with L297 L298 stepper motor driver l297 l298 craft stepper motors pcb schematic

That is to say that the step motor (bipolar, has enforced) 4 signals needed to be able to rotate. He owns 2 coils, or without equal, with only 4 wires. The engine should you be first traversed the coils and watch exactly how the connected. L297 stepper motor controllers

Source: strippenstrolch.de/ L297 L298 Stepper Motor Driver PCB schematic alternative link: stepper-motor-driver-circuit-with-l297-l298.rar alternative link2, link3

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