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KS0108 LCD Thermometer CCS C PIC16F88 LM35 Sensor

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Thermometer circuit LM35 temperature sensor with 2 PIC16F88 based on temperature information kc0108 128 × 64 graphic LCD displays on

Very simple thermometer with PIC16F88, two LM35 sensors and KS0108 graphic LCD. Schematic from Proteus VSM. Note that almost every pin of PIC16F88 is used.

Here’s the source code, I’m sorry it isn’t commented very well. The code is written for CCS C compiler. There’s also Proteus VSM simulation file and compiled hex file.

LCD Thermometer Test

source mehilainen.homeip.net The CCS C Thermometer Project has all the files proteus isis, ccs c source code library and others: : ks0108-lcd-thermometer-ccs-c-pic16f88-lm35-sensor.rar

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