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Touch probe for coordinate measuring machines CCS C

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Control circuit based on PIC16F88 microcontroller software prepared by the CCS-C mechanical parts used in the project, an explanation of the formulas and other related topics (english) There’s also the source CCS and MATLAB models in the Software.

Touch probe for coordinate measuring machines  CCS C GMR signal processor board GMR sensors


Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) have been widely used in industry in order to determine the form / dimensional tolerances of workpieces with very complicated geometrical shapes. Therefore, CMM is an important tool during the manufacturing and quality control phases. Workpiece to be measured on a CMM is probed via touch trigger probe through its stylus tip.

In other words, by virtue of the touch trigger probes CMM can acquire the dimensional data of the workpiece that is to be measured. Therefore the probe has become the most vital and fundamental part of the CMM. In this thesis, a novel type of touch trigger probe / scanning probe is proposed. The proposed probe can also be used as a scanning probe for different applications.

The main purpose of this thesis is to develop a novel type of touch trigger / scanning probe that has different kinematic stage and sensing stage than the other probes currently used in the industry. Giant Magnetoresistive (GMR) sensors are used for building the sensing stage of the proposed probe. GMR sensors are selected due to their outstanding sensitivity to small disturbances.

Furthermore, in order to test the proposed probe; an anvil gauge setup is designed and proposed in this study. Finally, proposed probe is tested on a three-axis computer controlled electrical discharge machine (EDM), and the results acquired from those experiments are discussed.

Hauthor: EMRE KARUƇ – Source: goo.gl/oW7f alternative touch-probe-for-coordinate-measuring-machines-ccs-c.rar

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