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Character LCD with Jalv2 Large Font

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Character LCDs used in the custom-defined characters outside of the Standard Fonts. In this article; using a custom-defined Character parts and proper typing program code as displayed on the screen such as the following one line 2 line font name can be used. The only bad side to fit on the screen at the same time 4 characters. A simple clock application or a similar application in this way can be used in a design.

Character LCD with Jalv2 Large Font jal big lcd font

About this app using 16×2 character LCD Jalv2 language by defining the use of special characters and you’ll see how to use large fonts. First, we must establish the circuit in the figure below.

Character LCD with Jalv2 Large Font proteus isis lcd jal big lcd font

Half-time to try our code 16F628 and 16×2 Alphanumeric LCD is used. Make the appropriate connection type in the code you can try or you can write a program in another language.

Character LCD with Jalv2 Large Font

Jalv2 of the project’s source codes and proteus isis simulation file: character-lcd-with-jalv2-large-font.RAR

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