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Class D Reference Design IRS2092 Power Amplifier

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500W Class D amp integrated circuit prepared for International Rectifier IRS2092 firm output coil coolers etc in pdf file. All details, calculations, drawings, circuit diagrams and PCB gerber given dosyalarıda In addition, there are already a lot out of this reference design circuit class d amp was made

IRFI4019H-117P IRS2092 output FETs used in the discrete MOSFETs with similar characteristics can be used instead of module-117P with IRFI4024H 25w 60w 240w 100w IRFI4019H with IRFI4212H-117P-117P 500w and 125w

IRS2092 25W-500W Class D Audio Power Amplifier Reference Design

Using the IRS2092 Protected Digital Audio Driver IRS2092 reference design is a two-channel Class D audio power amplifier that features output power scalability. The IRAUDAMP7D offers selectable half-bridge (stereo) and full-bridge (bridged) modes. This reference design demonstrates how to use the IRS2092 Class D audio driver IC, along with IR’s digital audio dual MOSFETs, such as IRFI4024H-117P, IRFI4019H-117P, IRFI4212H-117P and IRFI4020H-117P, on a single layer PCB. The design shows how to implement peripheral circuits on an optimum PCB layout using a single sided board.

Class D Reference Design IRS2092 Power Amplifier irs2092 500w class d audio power amplifier irfi4024h irfi4019h irfi4212h

IRS2092 Class D 25W 500W circuit files: class-d-reference-design-irs2092-power-amplifier.rar alternative link2

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