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RMS 100W Mosfet Amplifier Circuit

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100W amplifier Circuit with Speaker 8Ω 4Ω speaker with 100w rms 200w rms gives you the power supply voltage MOSFETs used from 2x32v 2x40v 4x 4x IRFP360 IRF540

100W rms amplifier 8 ohms or 4 ohms at 200Wrms MOSFET transistors. This amp was published in Elektor.the scheme and the typon to be able to adapt MOS transistors in housing TOP3 or TO220. The advantage of this amplifier is that it uses only N-channel MOS transistors for power. In addition, it is protected against heat-and short-circuits. It is possible to increase the power by multiplying the number of transistors MOS power.

RMS 100W Mosfet Amplifier Circuit ampli mos200

Source: http://sjeffroy.free.fr RMS 100W Mosfet Amplifier Circuit alternative link: RMS 100W Mosfet Amplifier Circuit.rar

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