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IR Protocol Analyzer Program

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ir Protocol Analyzer to use the sound card’s microphone input 1 x photo transistor connected to the controller, which uses the Protocol startbit, command, see the information on the program the address etc. information can also have graphic works export as the feature of “file” menu in the program installation without requiring the “samples” folder, you can examine the Protocol logs. Has source code for developers deplhi.

IR protocol analyzer is a universal application for automatic decoding dozens types of infrared remote control protocol packets. The application uses microphone input of a soundcard to capture infrared signal form a remote control. As a consequence, the hardware receiver is minimalistic and easy to build; just plug a phototransistor to input of your soundcard, that’s all hardware you need.

IR Protocol Analyzer Program ir protocol analyzer phototransistor ir hardware receiver analyzing remote

Source: ostan.cz/IR_protocol_analyzer alternative link: ir-protocol-analyzer-program.rar alternative link2

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