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Intelligent 1Ah – 55Ah Battery Charger Circuit UC3906

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The charger circuit is equipped with a special integrated circuit UC3906, which can check the battery status in each charging cycle. Therefore suitable for charging conventional lead acid cells and batteries for hermetically. Due to the special circuit structure is simple charger while maintaining optimal performance.

Battery Charger Features / Specifications

· Input voltage 230V / 50Hz
· Output voltage 12V battery (11,90 V – 14,95 V); 6V (5.97 V – 7.42 V)
· Three phase charging (see Table 1).
· Indication of the current state of charge (1/1, 1/2, Current, Power)
· Protection against overload and destroy the battery
· Permanent connection of the battery
· Automatic charging and maintaining the battery charge
· Charge the battery to full charge
· Charging the battery with a capacity of 1 Ah – 55Ah (tested) – change the value of R2
· Compact design, all components are located on a single PCB
· Simple design through the use of UC3906
· The ability to use back-up sources of hermetic batteries
· The ability to add protection against reverse polarity battery
· Minimal change parts, can be adjusted charger for 6V version (R10, R11 and TR1)

Battery Charger Schematic Diagram

Intelligent 1Ah – 55Ah Battery Charger Circuit  UC3906 schematic diagram 1ah 55ah battery charger circuit

Intelligent 1Ah – 55Ah Battery Charger Circuit  UC3906 automatic charging battery charger uc3906 circuit

In the classic charger is not overcharge and subsequent damage to the battery. the optimum is used to charge the batteries and keeping the traffic source with a control circuitry that automatically selects the correct mode for each and every phase of the instantaneous state of the battery. Some companies have developed special integrated circuits that meet the mentioned criteria. One is an integrated circuit UC3906, which is used in this structure charger. The circuit is manufactured by Texas Instruments, which is in the development of this circuit focused on optimal control capacity and battery life. The circuit is placed in a housing DIL16. Internally, the circuit is set to three modes of charging. These phases will be described in detail in the next section and Table Tab. 1st Circuit also caters for complete control of the charging current and voltage, it is also equipped with protection against overcharging. The state of charge process inform us four LED (Q1-1/1, Q2-half, Q3-Current, Q4-Power).

UC3906 Battery Charger schematic pcb files download: intelligent-1ah-55ah-battery-charger-circuit-uc3906.rar alternative link2

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