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Industrial Fan driver circuit

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Designed for the control of the fan motors used for cooling purposes. 4A 24V DC motor with soft start cooling fan is driven with the control card has made; and supply of other system components and is intended to avoid sudden loading peaks. The thermostat with the control card to be connected to the ignition system is being taken up.

Industrial Fan driver circuit fan kontrol lm7810 irf4905 byw80 200 lm358 pc817

Industrial Fan driver circuit endustriyel fan surucu fan kontrol devresi fan speed

Industrial Fan driver circuit fan PCB Connection

Such during the time that is set with P1, the DC motor accelerated and operated at full load. Input voltage, such a set value, the thermostat and ignition voltages of the three motor status can be read from the test points on the card. Control card at the entrance transil diode, varistor, ferrite coils and using the parasitic potential formation is prevented. Scratches copied from the PCB Control Card schematic card of foreign origin is intended.

Proteus Ares PCB drawing files Industrial Fan driver circuit and the PFD source: industrial-fan-driver-circuit

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