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IL300 Optical Audio Signal Separator Low-Frequency

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Linear optocoupler IL300 One of the diode is part of the output circuit, the other is used as feedback. IL300 optocoupler is suitable for both direct and transfer AC signal with a bandwidth of 200 kHz via a linearity of up to 0.01%. The function is stable in terms of temperature, while the temperature coefficient is only ± 0.05% / oC. The effective value of the insulation voltage, which lasts at IL300 trial period is 1s 5300V. Transmitter, the input side is emitting diode AlGaAs. Operating current can be between 0.5 mA to 40 mA, the best linearity is at 5 mA. On receiving feedback side of the silicon photodiode operating at a radiation source current. optical transmission occurs at a wavelength of 890nm.

These optocouplers, which are referred to as linear, are designed so as to have an input light emitting diode whose radiation is branched and is incident not only to one, as is the case with standard optocouplers, but the two photodiodes, which allows to achieve appropriate involvement of high linearity of transmitting audio signals.

Audio Signal Optical Separator Schematic

IL300 Optical Audio Signal Separator Low Frequency  il300 optical audio signal separator schematic

Circuit optical signal separator NF led me fact, the constant hum penetrating into the audio signal. This situation arose especially if you try to connect your computer to other audio equipment. intoxicate grounding of some parties of the transmission chain is gambling with their own lives. therefore I focused on as simple as possible circuit arrangement of “separators” ground potential with quality transmission parameters and minimal distortion. This design addresses unidirectional fiber separation in a direction away from PC to the amplifier, if we wanted a two-way transmission, for example, to record audio to PC, we use a pair of these separators NF signal. With the involvement of we must not forget the inverted potentials (input-output).

IL300 Optical Audio Signal Separator Low Frequency  audio signal separator optocoupler il300

When the interconnection of low-frequency devices sometimes appear problems with different potentials (ground loops). Especially when the devices and devices connected to different countries (potentials) can do audio signal to penetrate unwanted noise and hum. Professional solution is balanced line audio signal, which significantly reduces interference signals. more better separation, sometimes galvanic ensures line transformer designed for low frequency applications. Quality transformers are however quite expensive and require also good shielding. The alternative at the request of galvanic isolation, the use of linear optocoupler as in this design. If the digital signal is very simple solution is to use the optocoupler.

Low-Frequency Audio Signal Separator PCB schematic files download: il300-optical-audio-signal-separator-low-frequency.rar alternative link2

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